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skill- HTML The basic building blocks or "Markup Language" of creating any web page. Great website design starts with proper use of HTML tags.
skill- CSS Cascading Style Sheets are what give a website its look and feel. I try to make as many stylings and animations as possible happen through CSS.
skill- JavaScript A core front-end programming language used for making webpages dynamic and interactive. I enjoy implementing JavaScript and learning something new with each challenge.
skill- jQuery An expansive library used together with JavaScript. jQuery can be a great help when pure JavaScript is cumbersome.
skill- Sass A handy scripting language that is compiled into CSS. Using Sass for styling can save a lot of time in development.
skill- Illustrator A well-known vector graphics editor software that is useful for outputting SVG's. I believe all graphics should be made in vector format as they display beautifully on screens of all sizes.
skill- Photoshop When it comes to raster graphics editors Photoshop is the industry standard. The possibilities for editing and touching up images with this software are limitless.


skill- PHP A back-end scripting language that can be inserted into HTML. It is essential for building WordPress sites and is also a general-purpose programming language.
skill- WordPress The leading CMS (Content Management System) used worldwide. It can be used for building dynamic and robust websites.
skill- SQL An essential tool for working with databases. Good database design and planning always makes for a more performant website.
skill- Git One of the most well known Version Control Systems that is used to track changes to code in projects. Git should not be confused for GitHub, which is a private web company that offers services for repositories online.
skill- Ruby A dynamic, object-oriented language that is used in popular frameworks like Ruby on Rails. Many programmers love this language for its utility and ease of use.